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Back to school YEAH!

Hello everyone I have to say I was not hiding after a few too many birthday tipples yesterday but I took the last day of our long weekend to enjoy a relax with the mini monkeys.

Today school hit town for all three of us. I even had a new uniform to mark the day.

With sparkle shirt on we had a day of Afican folk songs, "oa" words and knocking over toilet rolls with socks.

We are getting this homeschool thing down now. David Walliams stories mark the end of classes and time for lunch.

Then off to my work I go.

At last my quilt has a topper. All panels sewn together, boarders and sashing in place, and butterflies and angels ironed on.

To get a good look and photograph I need to peg it to the line. As the gentle breeze delicately moved it the silver and gold touches twinkled. Very moving.

This project is very important to me because of its meaning and the subject matter.

I will once completed and handed, (virtually) in I promise I will explain all about this quilt.

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