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Taking things further

I felt that it was a shame to leave my poor essay to waste on a hard drive and wanted to create something from it.

Now that covid is more manageable and restrictions are easing my year may get a graduation, so I thought I'd take my new millinery skills and make a hat.

I took unstiffend sinamay and my essay printed on textured linen paper and blocked it on a button block with stiffener.

Then I dripped ink on to it while it was wet to get the blending effect.

Once dry I edged it with wire and snamay binding.

Then I block the same materials on a brim block . Once dry I cut it into a spiral, and then wireman edged it too.

I sewed the spiral to the base into a swirl

Then cut the pages into paper flowers and rolled them, glued them and added colour like the base.

Once dry I began attaching them to the hat.

It's not finished yet but is looking good.

More photos to follow.

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