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Hats off to new ventures

After joining a wonderful milliner Katherine Elizabeth ( ) and her "Top Hat" challenge in March I have been trying a new craft of millinery.

Hats have never crossed my mind if I am honest because I normally wear a basic cap for the summer and bobble hats in winter but this has kindled a new spark and world.

My first hot hat was successful but not as I wanted. This was a series of late night live lockdown classes and new activity.

I made resin sea shells 🐚 for this hat as dressings for it and added voile and crystals for sparkles.

Later in the month I created another version of it.

This one was dressed with rainbow ribbon hand sewn roses and crystals. This is very successful.

I have made a few different styles since. This is a head piece.

This is chocolate sinamay dressed with silk flowers.

Next are Ascot hats.

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