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Hello everyone

Hello everyone I am not hiding away I promise.

I have so busy crafting shirts the days are merging away. It's been so few days now I've been in my little room nearly none stop.

Well tonight I want to come back to my lovely little book.

"The Ladybird Who Found Her Spots" is a children's book I have written and illustrated with hand created illustrations.

I am not just an artist and Illustrator but I am an author too.

I do school visits when I can and normally wear ladybirds in some form or another. Well today I created a T shirt just for this job. It is a layered HTV VINYL and I love it.

For the first time ever she's had sparkle spots just as she should have.

My book has been my self published success and I am so proud of it. It's currently for sale.

While looking for my templates I found the few pages of book two I have started. I have claimed I have them for a while now and lacked time to begin again.

I was wrong. They need something more but are inspirational. So I plan to push on this week.

Book two here we come. Good news.

If I can put down the t shirts that is 🤣🤣🤣

Addiction to crafting has no cure.

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