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Its a F day today.

(Fences and Friday Family Fun challenge)

Got your attention though. 不不不不不

The winter storms damaged our fence and with each week it collapsed into splinters. With small monkeys being home and social distancing a new one was needed. After a long search at 8.30am this morning work began.劾劾劾 (social distancing maintained the whole time.)

By 3pm our back garden now had a solid 6 foot fence.

During the hammering school started. School started well. School stayed well, at 12.30, (half day friday,) School ended with Friday Family Fun challenge.

Arrange a family movie night 突踢

1, chose 5 films and hold a poll. Choose day

2,make posters and tickets

3,Arrange snacks

4, Arrange seating.

5, ask if your guests like it.

Results this Sunday we are watching flushed away in two homes so older sister can join in. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, marshmallows, chocolate and soft drinks are on the menu.唐遲奶

Mini monkey has appointed jobs. Dad is catering, I am admin and printing, littlest monkey is vice president and she is President. President 不不不不不不

So tonight I used my machine to cut to my presidents requirements tickets and popcorn boxese.

Any excuse to be honest.仄儭

I taught her to use basic publisher for her posters and she pick fonts and card for the tickets.

Hope we get an A. 抽兩

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