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Shhhhhh what to know a secret?

Hello everyone.

I am known as the "ladybird woman", and with good reason. I love ladybirds.

Why not?

They are a bug that doesn't bite.

The eat aphids on your roses.

Their babies looks like monsters.

And their .........erm.......... I can't say but they are a very happy bug 😜🐞. (Anyone who knows me and is an adult knows what I mean.)

I learnt today that the ladybird has been adopted by the adoption charities in China. The ladybird being red are a symbol of good luck and fortune. Ladybirds are incorporated into the decor of the childs room.

All the more reason to like ladybirds eh?

I enjoy creating ladybird themed pieces like this ring that is one of five ring for an exhibition at Stirling castle in 2019

I as an artist can not use ladybirds as a main theme all the time but I have a confession. I hide ladybirds in my work.

Even the mask for the same exhibition had ladybirds and bees stamped in the centre of the hand cut aluminium flowers

Why not?

Flowers have bugs all the time. Stirling Castle has not only a stunning garden but they have their own bee hives.

Adding ladybirds to the project was easy but others are not.

Believe it or not there's a ladybird hidden in this piece, (full photographs to come) based on Glasgow and on the quilt that was featured in a previous blog.

Sneaky eh?

I am not going to say where but when the lock down is over maybe one day you can see for yourselves.

So for now my little friend and I will wish luck and good fortune.


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