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Shorelines Textile Pieces

This is a collection of three pieces that are a response to a brief issued at the beginning of this academic year.

The year began by collecting visual and physical items on the theme "Shorelines" and though I am not going to give a step by step of the process, I wanted to give a peek at the work behind the pieces.

The pieces began with a compassion sketched, painted and developed by using different media.

Like this

To this

Then I was looking for patterns and formations in these developments.

This is the blueprint of where my pieces would be taken from.

Now the brief was not to produce a finished piece but three samples. So I took tracings of three areas from my blueprint.

With lovely beads, ribbons, hand cast shells and fabrics I developed my pieces

The pieces capture the tones and movement of the shoreline with the contrasting matte and simmer fabrics, metal and resin inclusions and beads.

Just to show they come from the original blueprint.

The finished piece would be the blueprint sized to A2 size and then divided into three equal parts.

These textile pieces would hang as banners from a batton so they would move independently like waves on the beach.

I love these pieces.

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